$45 for a luxurious one hour massage in my healing room or in your home. 

$10 extra for travel outside Wyndham.

Energy healing

All energy healing methods including Pellowah, Past life assimilation, Reiki and Arbah

$50 during school hours or $70 outside those times.


You can have any 2 healings in one visit

$80 during school hours

$100 outside school hours


Pellowah 1 $180 one day workshop

Pellowah 2$180 one day workshop

Pellowah 1 and 2 $300


Reiki Adults Class

$250 up front or $70 per session

The course involves 4 classes of around 4 hours, at flexible times.


Reiki Kids Class 

$15 a session for 4 or more weeks

Children are tuned into the Reiki energy, do a short meditation, practice Reiki and use a positives journal.  45 min class


Reiki Kids Intensive

$80 for one whole day

Involves Reiki and Craft and Play, during school holidays