Pellowah Workshops

You can learn to heal others with Pellowah!


Pellowah 1 allows you to heal others, whilst Pellowah 2 gives you an extra lift in consciousness. 

Each workshop takes one day.

You can do Pellowah 1 on its own and give great healings.  This seems strange to be able to do such a wonderful and effective healing method in only one day.  You gain the healing ability by attunement; a ceremony in which the Pellowah energy is transferred to you.


For the training we will read through your manual and you can ask any questions.  You are then attuned; you shut your eyes whilst I attune you.  You then take it in turns to heal the other student in your first healing.  Everyone is worried that they will be the one that will not be able to do it, but rest assured that you, like all those before you, will be able to.

Pellowah energy is such a pure healing method and feels absolutely amazing.


Some choose to do Pellowah 2, and then later go on to the teacher level with Kachina Ma'an.

I am qualified as level 3 Teacher, which is the highest level of qualification in Pellowah (bar the founder, Kachina Ma'an).


One of the best things about being trained in Pellowah is the attunements.  Once you have done the training you can receive up to 5 attunements per week.  Each level 1 attunement is 10 times more powerful than a healing.  Each level 2 attunement is 10 times more powerful than a level 1 attunement.


I run monthly share groups in which you are attuned and can chat with other students or alternatively you can pop in by appointment for your attunement.  Both cost $10 and so are a cost effective way of making amazing progress.



Pellowah share

1st Wednesday of the Month



Morning Tea Provided

Level 1, 2 or 3 welcome