Past Life Assimilation

A guided energy healing in which I assist you to go back to the life that is most blocking this one.  By healing the block in that life you are able to change not only the block in this life but to remove the block from your past and future self.  It is different to hypnosis because you are accessing the past life memory.  It is the difference between watching a movie and being part of the play.


Before the healing we will have a chat where you can discuss your concerns and can ask any questions whatsoever.  I will make sure you feel informed and comfortable before we begin.


During the healing, you will sit comfortably in a chair.  I will have my hands behind your head, on something called the Ascension Point.  I will guide you through the whole experience.  You will see a fog and then look down.  You will see yourself as you were in that life. 

I will ask you questions and perhaps ask you to move around to see what you need to see.  The whole time I will be talking to you and guiding you.  Whilst everybody feels like they will be the one it won't work for, they are all most pleasantly surprised. 

You will have the opportunity to communicate with your past self and gain insight and understanding about that life and your present one.


This is a healing method, not a form of entertainment.  You do not choose which life you see, you see the life that is most blocking this one.  This is a form of healing that should not be done lightly.  You may feel emotionally uncomfortable during it.  It is important to feel the feeling to then be able to release it.  I will give you support throughout.


You may do as many past lives as you wish.  You can do 2 lives in one sitting and then allow at least a week before any more.

Each life takes anywhere between 10 minutes and 1 hour (sometimes longer).  Past life assimilation complements any of the other forms of healing I do;

Pellowah, Reiki, Arbah and Massage.