A form of healing that was channelled to Kachina Ma'an by Spirit.  It can bring about amazing changes in one's mental, emotional and spiritual self.  Arbah healing can only be received once in your lifetime and is best for serious issues and those that have not been able to be healed by other methods.


A piece of the aura is cut open with the Arbah energy.  Arbah energy allows a code for change to be instilled into your aura.  This code encourages spiritual growth in the recipient.  The piece is then replaced back into the Aura and joined again with the Arbah energy.


The process can take up to 6 weeks to complete and is not always successful as it is similar to an organ transplant of the aura.  Whether it is successful depends on the will of the recipient towards self growth.  

Basically it installs within the aura the code for change.  It is up to you how you use this new you to achieve all you want from life.


Before the healing, we will chat about your concerns and you can ask any questions whatsoever.  I make sure you feel informed and comfortable before we begin.


During the healing, you simply sit down on a chair and relax.  The healing takes up to 30 minutes.  There are no side effects.


Arbah is very effective for any mental and emotional issues including addictions, panic attacks, depression, anxiety and behavioural issues.  Arbah complements any of my other healing methods; Pellowah, Past life Assimilation, Reiki or Massage.